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Physical therapy plays an important role in optimizing recovery after orthopedic surgery. Dr. Alfred Faulkner has great relationships with knowledgeable, experienced physical therapists who will partner with you after your surgery to ensure your safe, rapid rehabilitation. Your physical therapy will center around the nature of your injury, surgery and personal goals. Working with a physical therapist retrains your body so you can return to your previous level of function and enjoy an active, independent lifestyle.

How Does Physical Therapy Help?

Whether you had a total knee, hip or shoulder joint replacement or minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, you want to regain functional mobility, strength, flexibility, balance and endurance in the affected area. Without the guidance and knowledge of a trained physical therapist, you may run into problems with rehabilitation, or it may take you a long time to recover function. Physical therapy helps you see the best results quickly and safely, obtaining the lowest risk of reinjury.

What Happens During Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy in Dearborn and Jackson, MichiganPhysical therapy is personalized to your unique needs and goals. Typically when you first begin working with a physical therapist, he or she will perform a complete evaluation of the affected area, assessing your pain level, range of motion and strength. The two of you will discuss the movements or activities that you can no longer do comfortably, your goals of therapy and the activities you want to resume. You may note occupational duties that you need to perform for work, or hobbies that you used to enjoy. Your physical therapist will also review Dr. Faulkner’s protocol with you. Together, you and your therapist will develop a step-by-step plan and set realistic benchmarks.

Physical therapy usually starts with gentle or passive therapy to restore motion, and gradually progresses to assisted and active range-of-motion exercises. Once you have good range of motion, you and your therapist will work on strengthening exercises using different pieces of equipment. Finally, the two of you will focus on restoring optimal movement so you can move through your daily tasks and any occupational tasks with ease.

Throughout your sessions, the therapist may employ a variety of therapies specific to your recovery such as massage, heat, ice, ultrasound or electrical stimulation to reduce swelling and pain and improve flexibility and blood flow. Your therapist can also recommend assistive devices like canes or crutches in the early phase of your rehabilitation if needed.

Ensuring Best Physical Therapy Results

Physical Therapy in processTo get the most from your physical therapy, make sure you select someone who specializes in muscular and skeletal conditions. Dr. Faulkner can provide referrals for an orthopedic certified specialist, who has expert knowledge in the anatomy and injuries that prompted your surgery. You will also see the best results if you ask questions and speak up if something feels uncomfortable or hurts during your sessions. Dr. Faulkner is always available if you have questions about his protocol for your rehabilitation.

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