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Learn more about the various orthopedic issues that can affect children and how our team of pediatric specialists can help.

Child Fracture Care

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If your child injures him- or herself or is born with a musculoskeletal condition, you justifiably want to find the absolute finest care possible. You need a provider who can manage the injury or condition in a way that is both expedient and provides the best results as your child develops.

Why Choose Dr. Faulkner for Pediatric Orthopedic Care?

Families in and around our area place their trust in Dr. Alfred Faulkner, a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon and warm, empathetic doctor. Dr. Faulkner understands that treating acute and chronic orthopedic conditions in children is very different from treating adults. Special care must be taken when treating growing bones.

Dr. Faulkner has the knowledge and skill set needed to properly assess your child’s condition and recommend treatment that is most appropriate for his or her stage of development. He will also work closely with other pediatric specialists if your child’s musculoskeletal condition affects other parts of his or her body.

Common Pediatric Orthopedic Conditions

Pediatric Orthopedic Care in Dearborn and Jackson, MichiganDr. Faulkner sees a wide range of pediatric orthopedic conditions, from acute injuries to congenital or chronic problems requiring ongoing care.

Fractures and sprains

Fractures and sprains account for a good portion of Dr. Faulkner’s pediatric cases. Children are active and love to play sports or run around with friends. Sadly, fractures and sprains frequently occur during sports or other recreational activities.

Dr. Faulkner treats common injuries such as broken wrists or elbows and more complex injuries that may affect multiple bones. The vast majority of these injuries heal very well and children experience no long-term issues.

Limb deformities

Another area of Dr. Faulkner’s pediatric practice is treating children with differences in the way their arms or legs are shaped. Some of these discrepancies resolve naturally, and others require medical care to prevent deformities that affect normal movement and function.

Often these conditions can be managed with non-surgical means such as bracing or casting. Surgery is usually a last resort.

Compassionate Orthopedic Care for Families

Child Orthopedic Care in Dearborn and Jackson, MichiganDr. Faulkner has a passion for helping children with acute or ongoing orthopedic problems. The children he works with are strong, resilient and very engaged in their treatment. Dr. Faulkner is also empathetic to the fears and anxieties parents can have about their children’s injuries; he is committed to giving parents all the answers and resources they need to feel comfortable with their children’s care.

If you would like to meet with Dr. Faulkner to discuss your child’s needs, please request a consultation at our practice. You can call us or send us an email through our website today.